Books Galore!

Every year, our local high school has a book fair to raise funds for the school. It is an event highly anticipated by the booklovers of Hawke’s Bay. I don’t always go, as I am not comfortable with crowds, but this year I decided to be brave. It was a glorious day, just right for browsing. As people crowded the aisles, keen to find books from their favourite authors, strangers would pick up a book and say to the person beside them, “You should read this one. I really enjoyed it,” or “Have you seen any books on bonsai? My wife has just taken it up and asked me to keep a look out for her.” I didn’t see any books on bonsai, so I couldn’t help there, but I’m so glad I went. I got a bag full of bargains – some wonderful craft books, herbal books, and novels, many of them in new condition. The only trouble now is where to put them all? Our bookshelves are already overcrowded, but as any booklover will know, you can always find space somewhere for more, even if some of them have to be relegated to a dark corner of a cupboard. Just knowing they’re there when you want them is comforting.

William Colenso College Book Fair


A few of my fabulous finds

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