Weekend in Wellington

This is a scrappy collage page I made of our recent visit to Wellington. Although we were only there a couple of days, we tried to fit in as much as we could. We went to the Andy Warhol exhibition at Te Papa, and to the Gregory Crewdson exhibition at the City Gallery, which included photographs from his Beneath the Roses series portraying the dark heart of contemporary Americana, as well as photos from his Sanctuary and Fireflies works. We visited our favourite bookshops and art & craft shops, went for a morning stroll along Queen’s Wharf, and had dinner at our favourite waterfront restaurant.


4 thoughts on “Weekend in Wellington

  1. I love scrapbooking. I wish I had enough time to do all the crafty things I enjoy but I really do enjoy them all there are more crafts than there are days in which to do them! 🙂 I like what you did with this. It’s simple and easy to see everything. So glad you shared it!


    • Thanks! I know what you mean about there being more crafts than there are days in which to do them. It’s hard when you like doing lots of different things to fit them all in. But it does make life interesting!


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