Wine Country Quilt Show

Every two years, Pukeora Estate in Waipukurau hosts the Wine Country Quilt Show, which attracts visitors from all over the country. As an avid quilter, (although mine are far from being in the same league as the show quilts), I had been looking forward to the show for a while. As usual, I was amazed at the quality and creativeness of the quilts. From traditional to contemporary, there was something for every taste. I can only imagine how many hours of work have gone into making them.

After admiring the many beautiful quilts, and browsing the vendor’s stalls, I returned home with lots of ideas and inspiration, as well as motivation to complete my own bed quilt, which I am about three-quarters of the way through hand quilting.

I hope you enjoy these pictures of a few of my favourite quilts from the show.

"Arum Bouquets" by Anne Yeo

“Arum Bouquets” by Anne Yeo

"Bugs and Blooms" by Shelagh Barber

“Bugs and Blooms” by Shelagh Barber

"Class of 2013" by Wendy Tavendale

“Class of 2013” by Wendy Tavendale

"Ever After" by Trish Fraser

“Ever After” by Trish Fraser

"Funky Monkeys" by Ros Lusk

“Funky Monkeys” by Ros Lusk

"Growing Up" by Heather Preston

“Growing Up” by Heather Preston

"H.M.S. Endeavour" by Anne Yeo

“H.M.S. Endeavour” by Anne Yeo

"Merry, Merry Snowmen" by Pam Smith

“Merry, Merry Snowmen” by Pam Smith

"Moonglow" by Allie Greenwood

“Moonglow” by Allie Greenwood

"Owl and Pussycat in my Garden" by Lesley O'Rourke

“Owl and Pussycat in my Garden” by Lesley O’Rourke

"Sisters" by Vivienne Franklin

“Sisters” by Vivienne Franklin

"Southern Blue Belle" by Rose Silvester

“Southern Blue Belle” by Rose Silvester

"Sunshine and Shadows" by Pam Ross

“Sunshine and Shadows” by Pam Ross

12 thoughts on “Wine Country Quilt Show

    • You’re welcome! Some were done by hand, and some were machine quilted. The hand-stitched ones were amazing. So much time, patience, and love has gone into making them. They truly are works of art.


    • The first one is beautiful. There were so many lovely quilts, I couldn’t decide on a favourite. After we had looked around the show, we had to vote for the one we liked the best. It was a very hard decision to make. I think in the end I voted for “Moonglow.”


  1. Wow! Those are really beautiful. My favorites are ‘Growing Up’ and ‘Pussycat and Owl In My Garden’. I have made two tacked quilts and one embroidered quilt, all pretty hastily thrown together (for crib or bed-sized coverings). But my son loves his quilt and my friend loved the embroidered quilt, which was for her first baby. The other quilt was made for a church event. I’m much too impatient, I suppose. I have squares cut for two more tacked quilts for our daughters. I’ll have to get those finished soon! Thanks for sharing this. I feel more motivated now. 🙂


    • I think I’m too impatient, too, to do all the intricate quilting. My hand quilting is usually fairly plain, but I love using beautiful fabrics and seeing how the colours work together. I’ve been working on our bed quilt for many months now. It’s just sqaures of pretty fabrics sewn together. I find the hand quilting relaxing to do and enjoy working on it a little at a time whenever I have some spare time.


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