Fun at the Beach

We have had amazing weather this autumn. There has been very little rain, and until a couple of days ago, the temperatures have been up in the twenties most days. Last weekend we took Finn to one of our local beaches. He had a wonderful time chasing sticks, digging in the sand, and investigating all the different smells and debris that had washed up onto the beach. He was a little wary of the water, but I’m sure it won’t be too long until he ventures into it.





Westshore Beach

14 thoughts on “Fun at the Beach

  1. Aww, he’s so gorgeous! Looks like he is having a lovely time. We used to love taking our pooches to the beach. Our first one, Barney, used to do a little ‘happy dance’ when he got onto the sand after the pebbles. I suppose he liked the different texture on his paws but it was so cute and made us laugh every time 🙂 Enjoy your walks with your lovely boy x


    • Thanks, Maxi! Our last dog, Cody, used to love water – swimming in the river, and going to the beach, running in and out of the water to fetch sticks. It will be interesting to see if Finn turns out to be a water dog, too.


    • He is growing fast – 4 months old now!
      It is a lovely beach on a sunny day, and a good beach for walking dogs, with not many people at this time of the year, and lots of room for him to run around.


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