Life with Finn


Our puppy, Finn, is 9 months old now and has become a beloved member of our family. He is very different to our last dog, Cody, who was very gentle and affectionate. Finn is much more strong-willed and demanding, but he has great character and is an awesome, fun-loving little companion. In the last few weeks he seems to have calmed down a little, and sometimes, now, he will even let us sleep later than 6 a.m. in the weekends!

One of my favourite toys!

One of my favourite toys!

In the mornings I take Finn for a walk at a local reserve, beside a creek, where he sometimes meets up with his furry friends, Jess and Sam. They have a wonderful time playing together and it is a good opportunity for him to socialize. Finn is very friendly and loves to play with other dogs, but he hasn’t learned yet that some dogs are old and don’t want to play. He can be a little over-boisterous, so I have to keep him on his lead until I can be sure that other dogs we meet are happy to play with him.

Now that the days are longer, we take Finn to the river when Nick comes home from work, where we can let him off his lead, there is nobody around for him to bother, and he can run and run to his heart’s content. He loves the water and has learned to swim, although he is still a little hesitant about going in out of his depth.

In the weekends we go for long walks in the country, along rivers, or sometimes to the beach. During our explorations, we have found lots of new places to take him.

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet?


There's lots of space to run around here!

There’s lots of space to run around here!

We have a beautiful sandy beach about a forty-five minute drive away, and if we go there on a weekday, sometimes we are the only ones there.

Hurry up and throw the stick!

Hurry up and throw the stick!

I wonder if it's safe to go in and get it.

I wonder if it’s safe to go in and get it.

That wasn't so bad!

That wasn’t so bad!

I think I might bury it now.

I think I might bury it now.

We still have a long way to go with training him not to bark at the hose, the vacuum cleaner, or the neighbours, not to jump up on Grandma and Granddad, not to dig holes in the lawn, chase baby birds, steal socks, or chew the edges of rugs, toes, or watering cans.

Yes, he is a handful, and can be challenging at times, but we wouldn’t be without him.

This is a nice sunny spot for relaxing after a hard day's play!

This is a nice sunny spot for relaxing after a hard day’s play!


8 thoughts on “Life with Finn

  1. I think seeing dogs happily playing together is one of my favourite things. It just makes your heart sing – that, and them sleeping – so relaxing 🙂 Our two dogs have very different, personality wise and so have my parents. Just goes to show that they have lots of aspects to their personality, just as we do. It sounds like Finn is getting better at coming back to you now – he’s still just a ‘toddler’, so I’m sure it will come in time. Our first dog found someone more interesting to play with on a beach when he was about 18 mths and hubby said, he’ll be back in a minute…5 minutes later, hubby was hoofing it miles down the beach to go and fetch him before he disappeared from sight! LOL! But Barney soon became absolutely brilliant at recall, even with distractions (caveat here, so long as it wasn’t a cat!). Love seeing pics of Flynn and glad that you are enjoying your walks and time together with him. Take care! xx


    • I love the story about your dog on the beach! We have had several similar experiences with Finn at the park, chasing off after other dogs and turning a deaf ear to us. But, like you say, he is still just a ‘toddler’ and right now, all he wants to do is play!


  2. Finn is super super cute. I love the picture of him trying to bury the stick! And be happy you can let him off leash! I don’t trust my guys. Their recall sucks and I don’t know if they would come back!


    • Thanks, he is a cute little guy. I always have to carry treats with me to get him to come back when I call. He is really good at coming back when there are no distractions, not so good if there are other dogs around.


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