Book Preview – The House in Wattle Lane

Wattle Lane

As promised, I’d like to share with you a preview of my new novel, due for release at the end of January. The House in Wattle Lane is the second book in the Wattle Lane novels. Although it includes some of the characters from the first book, Scrappy Cupcake Angels, it can be read as a stand-alone story.

So, here it is, the first chapter.


The House in Wattle Lane

Chapter One

As Neave walked for the last time from the high-rise building where she had spent her weekdays for more than a decade, she felt a surge of apprehension mixed with a strange feeling of anticipation—apprehension for what the future might hold, and anticipation of a new beginning. Still reeling from the rowdy farewell that her co-workers had thrown for her, she walked to the basement of the building, clutching her leaving gift—a fancy pedometer and an iTunes gift card—and climbed into…

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