Little Houses

Wattle Lane

little house 1

When I first saw this little house for sale in a local shop, it instantly made me think of the houses in my Wattle Lane novels – two and a half stories high, with gingerbread trim and an attic tucked beneath the eaves. The miniature houses are made by a local couple who have a laser cutting and engraving business They make a range of different style houses, and also make them in a larger scale for doll houses.

Front and side views Front and side views

Back view of house Back view of house

The little house, just 10 inches tall, sits beside me on my desk while I am writing. When I look at it, I imagine the little scrapbook shop on the bottom floor, and of Angeline sitting in her attic studio at the top of the house, making her paper angels.

Now I just have to decide what colours to paint it. Perhaps…

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