Treasure The Memories

This is one of my favourite photographs of my grandmother. It would have been taken in the 1930s when she was in her twenties, before she married. I love her dress; I wish I knew what colour it was. Although when I think of my grandmother, I always think of her as old, I can see her in the face of this young woman, gentle and reflective.

For this scrapbook page I used ribbon, lace, paper flowers and butterflies, and beads from a broken vintage necklace. To honour my grandmother’s love of gardening, I added pressed flowers from my garden – alyssum, feverfew and pansy.


15 thoughts on “Treasure The Memories

  1. That is a lovely page, Kristah. Your grandmother was a beautiful young woman, and you do her proud with how you have presented the photo.
    I have a photo of my maternal grandmother, whom I only knew when se was old and profoundly deaf. She was a beautiful & gentle woman & I must make a page with that photo. Thank you for the inspiration. 🙂

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  2. Hi Kristah
    I like your scrapbook page very much. I like combination of vintage lace, flowers and beads. I wish to make some day scrapbook page too. So far I have just collection of vintage laces, beads etc…
    What is your favourite colour?


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