Garden Journal

It has been a busy month in the garden, in these last weeks of summer, with our vegetable garden cropping abundantly. We have been picking salad greens, beetroot, spring onions, tomatoes, basil, beans, cucumbers, cabbages, zucchinis, and strawberries. I was worried last month that we weren’t going to get many tomatoes as they were small and the birds were eating them as soon as they ripened. But what they lacked in size, they have more than made up for in quantity, and after one week of pecking, the birds have left them alone – not sure why, they must have found something tastier to eat elsewhere. I have made several batches of pasta sauce, bottled enough beetroot to last through the year, frozen loads of beans, dried herbs for use in body care products and for herbal teas, pressed flowers to use in my art, and had a go at eco-dying with plants.

These are my garden journal pages from last month and from this month.

garden journal

garden journal

garden journal

garden journal

I wanted to share with you a lovely book that I got for Christmas –  Garden Made: A Year of Seasonal Projects to Beautify Your Garden and Your Life by Stephanie Rose. Stephanie is a master gardener who became interested in gardening after a debilitating illness. She writes the blog Garden Therapy where she shares garden-related projects from making your own herbal skincare products, to growing food, recipes, and crafts. The book has fun projects to make, season by season. It has lovely pictures and is chock full of inspiration. Some of the projects I am looking forward to trying are homemade seed paper, teapot planters,  terrarium ornaments, and a bug hotel.

Garden Made by Stephanie Rose

Wishing you all a happy day in your garden!


20 thoughts on “Garden Journal

  1. Your garden is amazing and a welcome sight with all the wintry weather here in the UK :-). Your flowers and vegetables are amazing and it’s wonderful that you’ve been busy preserving them so you get to enjoy them all year :-). I love the pages you have created with your wonderful photos, this is such a lovely way to capture all your garden memories! The embellishments you have used are beautiful, especially the postage stamps! Finn looks happy exploring your garden too! Have a great week! J 🙂


    • Thanks, Jo! I love delving into my embellishments to decorate the pages – washi tapes, stickers, journaling cards, pretty pictures cut from scrapbook papers…
      Finn loves to be with me while I’m gardening, but he has a bad habit of jumping up into the vegetable beds and trampling on the plants! Also he likes to help me dig, Which is why we had to put the fence up to keep him out when I’m not there to supervise! You have a great week too!

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    • Thanks, Carolee! I love keeping a garden journal. It is fun to work in and to be able to look back through the pages and see how the garden changes from season to season. I love to be able to pick food straight from the garden and to grow things I can use in skin care products and in my art. Thanks for visiting!


    • It has been a hot, dry summer here. I love the summer garden, but I also look forward to the autumn, when the temperatures are a little cooler and there is not so much work to do in the garden – more time for writing and art! It sounds from your temps as though you might be going to have an early spring!


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