Garden Journal

There is still lots of colour in our autumn garden. Taking pride of place is the pretty cosmos, which is flowering after many of the other plants have finished. The weather is still warm and sunny, although we had a cyclone sweep through the country the day before Easter. It caused much destruction, with trees uprooted all over the town, including, sadly, our own lime tree, which we planted about ten years ago. In its place we have planted a bay tree, which we had growing in a pot, but it should do much better now it is in the ground.

I have planted a Camelia sinensis to have a go at growing my own tea! From the one plant you can make green tea, black tea, or oolong tea, depending on how the leaves and buds are processed.

The winter vegetable garden is planted with broccoli, cauliflowers, cabbages, lettuces, spinach, kale, and silverbeet. I still have leek seedlings to go in. I haven’t tried growing leeks before, so it will be interesting to see how they do.

These are my garden journal pages for March and April.

A book I have enjoyed reading this month is A Cottage and Three Acres by Colette O’Neill. Thirteen years ago Colette left behind her life in London to begin a new life in Ireland. She bought an old cottage with three acres of bare, wet, rushy land and set about transforming it into a beautiful, lush, permaculture garden, planting thousands of trees, as well as herbs, vegetables, and even a fairy wood. The book tells the story of what one woman with a dream can achieve on her own, and how a woman’s love of nature and incredible affinity with Mother Earth was able to heal, in her words, “Some of the saddest looking land I had ever walked upon.” Colette truly is an inspiration and I would recommend this book to anyone with a love of gardening, and of nature.

Colette has thousands of pictures of her garden and cottage on her website and hundreds of videos on YouTube. Her book can be purchased through her website, and she is happy to sign it for you!

8 thoughts on “Garden Journal

  1. Your garden journal is very inspiring! What a great way to document your growth and ideas. I may need to make one of these now! I think I am going to have to check out that book as well. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Your garden journal is amazing! I loved reading all your pages and you have bought them together beautifully with your pictures, pretty cards and embellishments 🙂 . I was sad to hear about your lime tree, it must have been quite a shock! I was pleased to read about the delicious cake that you made with the limes you saved though – yum! You may be surprised, as I was when we planted our bay tree, how much quicker it grows out of it’s pot 🙂 . I enjoyed finding out about all the veggies you have harvested and planted, how wonderful to be growing your own tea too, I have never heard of that before and can’t wait to find out how you get on – fantastic! Wow and your cosmos is stunning with its pretty pink blooms. Thanks for taking me on a tour of your fabulous garden, Happy Thursday and enjoy the rest of your week! J 🙂


    • Thanks, Jo! I was pleased to hear about how quickly your bay tree is growing. Ours never really grew at all in the three years we had it in a pot, so I am looking forward to seeing it thrive now it is in the ground. I enjoy drying the leaves to use in cooking. I can’t wait for next spring when I can use the leaves from our camelia to make tea! Enjoy the rest of your week, too!

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    • Thanks, Michelle! It was very sad to lose our lime tree. It provided us with so much fruit over the years. I have been baking cakes and juicing the limes to use up all the fruit it was laden with when it fell over.


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