Grow Your Wings and Take Flight

The past couple of weeks I have been watching videos from the Woman Unleashed free online retreat. The videos include workshops by some of my favourite artists including Flora Bowley, Shiloh Sophia, Whitney Freya, and Tamara Laporte. This cute little bird was what I created from Tamara’s workshop Taking Flight. I added the words grow your wings and take flight to remind me that sometimes I should be brave and take chances, that taking a leap of faith might lead to new and exciting things.

If you want to join this free online event, click here to learn more about it and to register. The videos are all available to watch until mid-July.

8 thoughts on “Grow Your Wings and Take Flight

    • Thanks, Jenny! I always find eyes so hard to do. Although I was following Tamara’s tutorial closely, the eyes of my bird turned out slightly different, but ended up conveying perfectly the emotion I was going for.

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  1. Your little bird is so beautiful with all its colourful feathers and your doodles especially the butterfly wings have great meaning when you consider the wonderful quote you used 😀. It sounds like the classes are very inspiring, thanks for sharing! Happy Friday and Weekend! J 😊


    • Thanks Kate! The online retreat is great because there is a wide range of speakers and you can just watch the ones that interest you. I have mostly just watched the arty ones, and the good thing is you have several weeks in which to watch them.


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