Our Summer Garden

We are having a very hot summer with temperatures often in the 30s. Hosing restrictions have started, but thankfully today we are having some lovely rain, which the trees and plants will be thankful for.

The tomatoes are growing well and we have started picking cherry tomatoes. Also picking zucchinis, beetroot, spring onions, lettuces, kale, chard, carrots, cucumbers, and strawberries.

Believe it or not, there are lots of veggies in there amongst all the flowers we grow for the bees. The potatoes should be ready to dig up soon.

Echinaceas are flowering amongst the lavender, rosemary, and lemon balm.

I was given this beautiful hibiscus for Christmas and have left it in its pot outside the studio for now until I decide where to plant it.

I have been bottling beetroot from the garden, to last us through the winter months, and making raspberry jam with raspberries from the local berry farm.

My husband gave me this lovely gardening journal for Christmas. It has the most beautiful nature illustrations by Hannah Dale, as well as seasonal recipes, and lots of room to record garden plans, notes and sketches. I’m looking forward to filling it up over the year ahead.

That’s it from our garden for now. I’m off to make some zucchini muffins, while watching the lovely rain through the kitchen window.


10 thoughts on “Our Summer Garden

  1. What a fabulous summery and uplifting post! Your garden looks amazing, it’s alive with beauty with the pretty flowers and plants 😁. I bet your beetroot and jam taste delicious and your Christmas presents are beautiful! The hibiscus flower is such an amazing colour, so bright and cheery! Wow, your journal will be perfect to record all your gardening throughout the summer too 😁. It’s been cold here with some lovely sunshine of late, although today we have grey winter skies and winds – brrr! Enjoy your garden and wishing you a wonderful week! J 😊 x


  2. Everything in your garden looks lush, Kristah, I’m sure the benefit of having a gentler NZ climate ( even though you are feeling hot) and reasonable rain. We’re expecting 41 later this week, and I don’t know how the garden will deal with that as I let myself get a bit carried away last year and planted some less hardy plants. There are hard lessons to learn in gardening! Your echinacea and Agastache look very happy and healthy.


  3. What a fantastic garden, Kristah! I am assuming you live on the north island with all that beauty & productivity.
    We live on the east coast of NSW next to Lake Macquarie, and the rising land is all clay and rock. We can only grow native trees & shrubs & the most hardy of European flowers. Even in a raised garden bed my vegies simply die, or produce very little. My zucchinis wilt in the 40 degree heat & I wilt in the high humidity. The fig trees aren’t producing either, & the blackberries haven’t even flowered. The only success was the mulberry tree last spring before the heat came in. Oh well, fruit & vegies aren’t too expensive I suppose.
    The gardening journal looks lovely, & I bet you will have plenty of notes to fill it up throughout the year. 🙂


    • Thank you, Linda! Yes, I do live on the North Island, on the east coast where it is a very mild climate. I can’t imagine having 40 degree heat like you do. 30 degrees is too hot for me. I am definitely more a winter person than a summer person, although I can’t imagine not having my summer garden!


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