When I first started this blog in 2012, I had just published my first novel and my intention was to post about things related to my books and writing. But, as happens with life, my focus over time has changed. Over the years, my blog has become more centred around my love of gardening, and art and crafts, (which do both feature strongly in my novels!) As such, I have decided to keep this blog for occasional posts about book and writing updates, and I am starting a new blog, Foxgloves and Bumblebees, focusing on my love of nature where I can share my garden, nature walks, and nature inspired art and crafts.

My new blog will be under my real name of Christine. Many people have asked me why I chose to publish my novels under the pen name of Kristah Price instead of using my own name. The simple answer is that when I published my first novel there was already an author with the same name as mine, so I decided to publish my books under a name that was unique. Since then, I have married and changed my name, and will publish my next book under my own name.

I hope you will visit me at Foxgloves and for lots of nature inspired loveliness!

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